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salon rental agreement

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HAIR DRESSING SALON BOOTH / STATION LEASE AGREEMENT THIS LEASE made effective as of the day of , . BETWEEN: NAME OF HAIR SALON Address: ( Lessor ) - and NAME OF STYLIST Address: ( Lessee ) For and
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agrees that for the duration of the term of this Lease, Lessee shall have the right to use, and shall cause to be maintained and used during the term of this Lease, all equipment for the purpose of producing hair, be it hair-cut and/or shaven, without interference with the use by other patrons of the Hair Salon, for the creation, maintenance, styling and care for said hair or any other service. The foregoing shall not preclude Lessee from requiring or requiring Lessee shall require (directly or indirectly) any or all patrons from entering the premises to provide such personal information such as name, address and phone numbers or any other form of identification, including, without limitation: credit cards, identification numbers; bank accounts, debit or credit accounts, and financial statements, (each a "Personal Identification Information" as defined in the Financial Code) as may be necessary, in order to provide or make the hair salon operational. Lessee shall have the right to enter upon the Premises at any time and without notice. Lessee shall not remove, block or block the main thoroughfare, driveways, passageways, stairs, sidewalks or stairs located within the Premises and/or deny entrance to the Lessee or his customer(s) in a manner which would interfere with lawful business activity conducted by any other person and/or party. Lessee shall have the right to charge said patrons reasonable admission charges for entrance, services, and/or use of the Premises or other services, including, without limitation: hair styling services, makeup application services; and/or other services incidental thereto. Upon failure of Lessee to charge reasonable admission charges for use of the Premises or other services, upon written Notice delivered, at least 15 days prior to the date of the next scheduled visit of the Lessee to the Premises, as provided by the Residential Tenancy Act, no entry will be permitted for any purpose whatsoever on the Premises or any use of the Premises, by Lessee; provided, however, that, upon the request of Lessee as required herein (i) Lessee shall provide such other information (and not the information provided to Lessee upon the previous written request or request by the Lessor, to allow the Lessor to determine Lessee 's ability to perform such services) as may be reasonably required by the Lessor to meet the needs of the Lessor for any of such services, and/or (ii) Lessee shall cause an invoice for the services provided to L
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Bye hi this is Scott from simple forms to arc and today I'm going to show you the booth rental agreement on the home page it's under landlord forms just have to scroll down as right there this is that you just fill in the information lolly landlord all the details description detail of the boot space being rented details and what I cannot be using it booth for and then you've got the payment details down here all the details and regard to their you tell me these payments tax payment sublet in the booth and so on and then of course if you want to add anything else that we don't cover up here you have the option right there and I keep my agreement and that's it obviously this is a blank one but any dt you put in with be in there and if you want to make any changes you edit the best friend agreement and if you're happy with what you've done for meat download now and that's the booth rental agreement costs and performs to arc see the link below to access
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